Where I’m Coming From

Walking to my car this weekend, I quietly approached a gentleman pulling a cooler from his car in the RSPGL parking lot. He puts one beer in his golf bag, then two, then three. I thought, I’m just going to stand here, eventually he’ll turn around. Then beer 11,12,13. Ball pouch, buddy’s bag, the beers kept coming. Are we done…. nope…. flavor change, and now they are being wrapped inside a sweatshirt stuck in sweater basket.

There were more than 20, when he closed the cooler and turned to see me arms crossed staring at him. You could hear a pin drop, “you know…. (And then I paused)… carry ons are not allowed”. Uh, uh, uh I had no idea, he responded.

Taylormade SIM driver, Callaway Apex irons, Cameron putter, first time golfers generally don’t have $2000 worth of equipment, but I thought I’d give him the benefit of doubt. “If you are not aware about rules regarding bringing your own beer, then why are you hiding them like you need to get heroin through a border crossing? I asked.  

Sometimes this job is quite ironic. He was nice about it and put everything back in his car. I don’t like to spend my time enforcing “rules”, I’m pretty easy going as long as you are respectful. The alcohol stuff is a hot button for me. I have to believe, that when this guy drank all 20 beers, and wrapped his car around a tree on the way home, the family lawsuit would probably blame me. I’m just here for the golf, I don’t need the ancillary theatrics. Let’s just golf and enjoy life… without the 20 beers. 

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