Crave What Someone Has

Listened to an old Luke Donald interview this weekend and it really got me thinking about the human desire to want what someone has. He laid out his rise to #1 in the world, his close calls in majors, and how he may have made a huge mistake wanting what someone has.

Luke would call his runner up finish to Justin Rose at the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion, the one “that got away”. Playing in the final group with Justin, he claims Justin dismantled that course like a tactician. Luke remembers after the event being in awe of not only Justin’s iron game prowess, but his accurate power. At the time, Luke was known as having quite possibly the best short game in the world, but it was Justin’s power that he wanted. Luke felt it was the difference in why he did not win.

what someone has
I Don”t Want What Someone Has

Shortly after, Luke’s game began to crumble. Swing coach changes, new practice habits, sports injuries, he was clearly never the same. We have all seen it so many times…but let’s dive deeper.

Luke forgot that even though he could not hit it as far, he was still one of the best in the game. Matter a fact, if Luke had won that tournament, I think we could make the case that he never changes anything about his swing or his mentality. Amazingly, he would have believed that being shorter and more accurate was the reason he won, instead of the reason he lost.

What about Justin Rose? With victory, Rose believed he had the make-up to be a major champion, but should he have lost….could we not make the case that Rose would have set out on the same quest to fix his short game. After all, it was Luke’s short game that was the difference maker in this hypothetical victory. Would Rose have left Sean Foley, become obsessed with technique, change his motor patterns and become less of a force in golf? Maybe.

The Opposite of What Someone Has

Your mind is awesome. It can tell you whatever you want to believe. My mind tells me you give a crap about my articles, so I write more. Your mind tells you your brother-in-law is more successful, the business down the street makes more money, your kids doesn’t love you. Whatever it is, whatever someone else has, that’s exactly what you think you should have. When it comes to golf, (the only thing Golf Course Owner Guy should be giving advice on) just be you. Everyone else is taken. There’s a good chance, you’re good enough.


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