Simple Can Work

It’s not a common occurrence for a golf course to be purchased and then totally rebuilt, but it happens from time to time. Now take those occurrences and let’s delve into them.

How often…when a golf course is being redone, is it dumbed down to a clever yet understated experience for the masses to enjoy? That pretty much happens…. that’s right…NEVER.

See, in that moment it’s all about the EGO of new owner. New owners generally want to knock something down and build something that is grander, bolder. They want fantastical, because they believe that’s what it takes for people to come. That only works once. Of course, what comes with that… is the cost to create, the cost to maintain… and you can’t do any of that, without a cost to play. Seems pretty stupid to me.

It’s amazing how owners get so locked in to the way they want to feel on opening day, and they never think about a rainy Wednesday morning 15 years later, when no one gives a shit about your grand opening day. Does fantastical matter anymore?  I get it, we all wanted an epic wedding day, but that wears off, and what you are left with… is the daily operations of a 30 year marriage. It’s all long view in my mind. It has to be simple and do-able over the long run. Even This course, is not as simple as I would like it. I have been knocked for “holding this place back”, but maybe… I’m simply not intrigued by one day highs.

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  1. Jack Fulton August 30, 2022

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