As Long As You Enjoyed It

Did you enjoy yourself? It really comes down to that. It’s painful to think about all the hard work businesses put in to get their experience right, and all it comes down to is… did you enjoy it?

You walk out of a movie theatre; you pause for a second and you think, you know… I didn’t really like that movie. It happens. What if the director was standing there, and he was able to explain to you who they wanted for the lead, but they couldn’t get her. That they had to change the music score halfway through because composer has been in a coma after a car accident. They wanted to shoot in Arizona, but because actors guild union limitations, they had to shoot in New Mexico. They had three different endings, and director really wants to explain the logic of his choice. You know what, YOU DON’T CARE. You really don’t care about any of it. The only thing you care about is, DID I ENJOY IT, OR NOT, then you move on.

It’s no different for us. I do the very best I can, but you get in your car and you feel the need to question…, did I enjoy my golf today? I’m not waiting at the 18 green to explain, why the back 9 greens are faster than the front 9. Why your cart had peanut shells in the glove box. Why you didn’t see the beverage cart girl until the 11th hole. YOU DON’T CARE. You either enjoyed yourself, or you didn’t. In a way, it has nothing to do with me at all. No matter how much thought I put into something, you can claim I put no thought into it. While your neighbor had the best day ever, you had a terrible day, and yet you were experiencing the exact same things at the exact same time.

I want everyone to have an incredible time, but I have no way to guarantee that. All we can do is try to put together an operation where there is a high probability that someone in a sane state of mind could go through our experience, come out the other end, sit in their car and say to themselves, you know what…I really enjoyed myself today.  It all comes down to that, and given everything that could go wrong when you are “on property” for 5 hours… it’s pretty much impossible when you think about it. Yet, RSPGL often pulls it off.

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